asthma ,allergies and CARPETS

Carpet Keeps Allergens Out of the Air There is a misconception that asthma and allergy sufferers should avoid carpet. In fact, the opposite is true. Studies have shown that carpet actually improves indoor air quality. It acts like a trap, keeping dust and allergens out of the air we breathe. Simply put, what falls to the carpet (dust, pet dander and many other particles) tends to stay trapped until it is removed through vacuuming or extraction cleaning. Smooth floor surfaces allow dust and other allergens to re-circulate into the breathing zone. The Lowest Emitter of VOCs Carpet has the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions of common flooring choices. In fact, it’s one of the lowest emitting products used in new construction and renovation. Carpet Puts You On Safer Grounds is other reason carpet is a choice you can feel good about. Carpets and rugs provide better traction than other flooring options, preventing falls. This is true everywhere, but even more important in areas where there is a lot of rain and snow. And when falls do happen, the softer surface reduces their impact. Whether you are in a business, school or hospital, fewer falls and less severe injuries are one. Carpet is significantly more efficient at reducing noise, compared with other flooring.

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