Fight against carpet cleaning

The best carpet cleaning is an offensive cleaning prevention. You first line of defence is at the door. Welcome mat outside. Entrance mat, a boot tray. Leave you shoes at the door. Use comfy slippers, socks or go bare. Second line of defence is a good vacuum. Suction power, agitation tools and of course a HEPA filter and bagless. Think of all the dirt in your carpets. And most of this dirt is dry. More than 70% is made of dried particles, and can easily be removed by vacuuming alone. Agitation tools; power heads to shake this dry dirt out. Thus the importance of quality vacuum. Look for specifications and agitation tools, which includes a powerhead and dust tools. The suction horsepower, air flow, wattage and voltage to compare. HEPA filter, to keep the dirt in the vacuum. This filter will capture the tiniest particles as you vacuum them out of your carpet. Preventing allergens from being airborne as a result of cleaning in your house. The budget: everyone is restricted by '' HOW MUCH'' of course. My advice is to buy the most effective one you can afford. Be prepared to spend  $400 to $1000. I bought a secondhand professional vacuum upright and saved a lot. That takes care of over 70% of the dirt in your carpet.. Right!? What about the rest of it? Have no fear Patrice is here - the carpet cleaner most trusted in Whistler and Squamish since 2007. Patrice's Carpet Care is certified and BBB accredited. 604 849 0233

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